Long-Term Care

Protect your independence and your assets as you age.?Long-Term Care has been defined as "medically necessary assistance, recommended by a physician for the treatment of a chronic illness or debilitating injury on a long term basis. Recovery is usually not expected. Care is oriented toward helping a person function, not toward a cure."

Long-term care is typically not covered by your health plan, disability coverage or Medicare. Medicaid does cover long-term care, but only after you have used up your assets paying for care.

Nursing home costs are averaging more than $60,000 per year – and since Medicare and basic health insurance will not cover most of those costs, you can see the financial uncertainty you might prevent with long-term care insurance. So it’s no wonder that more people are looking into long-term care options.

  • Our long-term care plans are designed to help take relieve the financial pressure.
  • Protect your savings and investments
  • Preserve your personal freedom to choose where and how you receive long-term care services
  • Pay for home care, whether provided by family and friends or through professional home care providers
  • Cover care receive through Adult Day Care, Assisted living facilities, and nursing homes

Products such as?Today's Options?can provide you with the coverage that fits your needs and your budget while providing coverage for what Medicare does not.

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